What is Perfectly Clear QuickDesk?


Perfectly Clear QuickDesk is designed for labs that process 100’s to 10,000’s photos per day. It can be totally automatic or allow individual review and adjustment to get the highest quality output from every image.  It can automate your basic color and exposure correction workflow, and dramatically speed up retouching and more detailed corrections. 


Why do I need Perfectly Clear, the World Leader in Intelligent Image Correction?

Save time by streamlining your operations.

Reduce cost and increase customer satisfaction.

Improve image consistency and quality.

Increase potential for incremental revenue.



“This product is a no brainer for every lab, a must have product.” — Phil Canter, Photo Express Digital Pro Lab


Easy Integration into Your Workflow

Implement QuickDesk with absolutely no interruption to the your process. This tool will seamlessly integrate with your existing workflow and ordering system, whether it be ROES, Dakis, Photo Finale, DP2 or others. Designed with the user in mind, you’ll navigate easily through the interface with:

A six image view. Zoom into each image, then automatically save and process in the background while you’re working on the next batch of six.

Viewing options. View single images on screen or pull up a side by side image for better perspective.

Batch work. Explore options with batch processing and save all images automatically without viewing.


Product Features

QuickDesk includes several preset groups with corrections for general color and exposure correctinon as well as retouching.

Open a “job” of photos quickly, seeing the corrected image nearly instantly.

Each photo is individually corrected according to your preset, giving you great, custom results wiht zero-user interatcion.

Preview 6 photos at a time, to speed through manual quality review.

Zoom in on individual images for detailed retouhcing.

Unique Corrections with Full Control

Tone: Achieve perfect exposure with depth, done automatically pixel by pixel to ensure zero clipping, zero color shift, and zero artifacts.

Color: Showcase the intended color the eye can see, remove unwanted tint and properly recreate purple that cameras can’t capture.

Details: Preserve the integrity of the details through crisp sharpening and powerful noise removal.

Eyes: Automatically remove red-eye, dark circles, and enhance and enlarge eyes with ease.

Face: Expertly define features with contouring and touch up smiles with teeth whitening.

Skin: Create smooth skin by removing blemishes, wrinkles or extra redness from flash.

Makeup: Enhance beauty with the application of blush or color to support skin tones.

Even More Corrections

Uber Strength: A quick way to adjust all corrections at once with a single slider bar.

Image Ambulance: Rescue a good image in bad lighting on even the darkest of shots.

Neutral Density Filter: Reduce the intensity of the natural light, keeping all colors from the great outdoors in tact.

Sync: One easy click to apply changes to all the remaining images. Or copy and paste to apply selectively.

Quick Correct: Easy buttons found under every image – Strength, Perfect Exposure, Red, Green, Blue.


Tech Requirements

Windows 7, 8, or 10 (64-bit only) or Mac OS 10.9 or newer (requires the latest service pack or update for the noted OS versions)

4 GB of RAM minimum, with 8GB or more recommended

OpenGL v2.0 or higher

Active internet connection (for activation and updates only)


Supported Images

.jpeg, .bmp, .tiff, .png, raw

RGB colorspace required (no monochrome or CMYK)