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QuickDesk or QuickServer?



Who Am I?
  • High volume photographer (such as sports, school, wedding, events)
  • Pro printer
  • Small to medium photo labs
  • Currently doing manual corrections, and want to speed up this process, and/or ease into automation
  • High volume printer, studio, newspapers, requiring full workflow automation from beginning to end
Volume of Images
  • Small to medium
  • Up to hundreds per hour, perhaps 1000
  • Medium to large
  • 10,000 or more
Level of Interaction
  • Automatically correct images, with the ability to approve corrections and manually fine-tune.
  • Fully automatic – set and forget
  • Uses Hot Folders (or trigger channels
Type of Corrections
  • Identical
  • Identical
Edit in Place
  • Yes, via Job Configuration → Overwrite Originals
  • Yes, via Target Channels
Manifest Files
  • Yes (allows opening jobs with specific images, presets, and folder saving options)
  • Yes (allows selecting which images to process and which Target Channel to use)
Edit with Photoshop
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Windows & Mac
  • Windows & Mac