Introducing Background Balancing, Our Newest Innovation in School Photo Editing Software

Tired of distracting backgrounds in school yearbooks?

Tired of taking the effort and spending the cost to make
them consistent?

We heard your complaints and took them to heart. EyeQ, creator of Perfectly Clear automatic image correction, is proud to offer the latest innovation in school photo editing software! Background Balancing automatically balances the backgrounds of school portraits to ensure the entire page of a yearbook remains cohesive, consistent, and visually pleasing. Paired with the automatic photo editing and retouching technology of Perfectly Clear, this new patent pending technology has been invented to save you time and money while making yearbooks look better than ever. Try out our yearbook photo editor and see for yourself!

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How Can Background Balancing Save Me Time and Money?

Our Background Balancing costs just 10 cents per image. Why? Many companies pay an average of $1 – $1.50 to outsource their background image editing overseas. It is extremely tedious and labor intensive. Rather than outsource, we solved the issue with our automatic photo background editor! Now, you can edit locally on your machine. You know the cost upfront, and it is fully automatic. Yet you’re in control as you can tweak how it’s applied and preview the results, instantly and effortlessly. There’s no more waiting around for hours or days for the job to complete. It completes in seconds to minutes, depending on the size of your job.


  • Fully automatic
  • Only 10 cents per image
  • Extremely quick

Automatically balance the background whilst still being able to edit the foreground manually using our QuickDesk software

Background Balancing FAQs

How do I get billed?

A subscription to use QuickDesk is $150 / month and allows an unlimited number of photos to be corrected with our Perfectly Clear technology. The Background Balancing feature is billed based on the number of images you apply this correction to. The cost is 10 cents per image.

Use QuickDesk for all your corrections for both your non-Background Balancing images and image editing background solutions. The Background Balancing service is billed once a month on top of your $150 / month. This is billed based on your usage, and you will be billed at 10 cents per image. Remember— that’s a fraction of what it normally costs for fully manual editing jobs.

My business is seasonal. I don’t want to get stuck into a monthly rate plan.

You don’t have to. Feel free to pause your subscription at any time. Your plan is monthly and you can pause your QuickDesk subscription at any time.

What if I find that some of the images needed some manual tweaking?

Not a problem. The backgrounds will get balanced, and you will still be able to adjust the foreground / subject / person that’s in the image. Just adjust them as you normally do in QuickDesk, and notice how only that foreground (subject) is adjusted. The background will stay the same. Feel free to choose a different preset altogether or manually adjust.

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Background Balancing is a new feature in our QuickDesk software

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