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Les Pros de la Photo

Here’s How Les Pros de la Photo Saves Time and Money with Perfectly Clear

Les Pros de la Photo is a common name in Canada’s printing world. As the largest printer in the country, saving time on photo correction while keeping their great reputation is important to them. 

After a long and thorough investigation process, Les Pros decided to implement Perfectly Clear through our SDK. They were able to incorporate our engine directly into their system to run locally. “You have a good reputation regarding your product, and it’s built to easily integrate with our workflow infrastructure,” says Bruno Condemi of Les Pros de la Photo.

The beauty of our SDK is that you have complete control over what it is used for. In this case, it is run in the backend so the corrections are done fully automatic before print. 

Les Pros stands out amongst other printers because of their optimum quality standards, so Perfectly Clear was only implemented once they took the time to measure its overall quality and stability. We passed the test, and now we are an important part of their workflow! 

So, how did our business solutions help Les Pros?

“Our [print] returns have diminished between 60% to 75%, and I feel that we still have room for more positive outcome in the near future.” Not only does our SDK save more time than manual editing, it’s also proven to keep customers happy.

— Bruno Condemi

Do We Have a Business Solution for You?

Adding Perfectly Clear into your workflow can help save you time and money, too! If keeping your customers happy is important to you, consider our business solutions. Whether you’re a lab looking to manually approve each image or a printer like Les Pros that needs your own engine, we can help improve your workflow with our patented technology. Fill out this form to contact us and schedule a demo today!

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