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How We Integrated Perfectly Clear Into Nations Photo DP2 Workflow and Reduced Editing Time by 98%

The phrase time is money holds true in the photo world, especially for large labs like Nations Photo Lab. Quality, service, turnaround, and price are all very important to keep their customers happy. Nations Photo Lab was able to improve their workflow with Perfectly Clear QuickServer, one of our B2B solutions that now integrates with Kodak’s DP2. 

At EyeQ, we are always aiming to innovate and come up with new solutions that will benefit you. When Nations Photo Lab came to us with the challenge of integrating DP2 and Perfectly Clear, we accepted. We specifically worked with their inhouse team to integrate our existing technology with their current program to create a seamless experience for their operators. We were successful, and history was made when Nations became our first DP2 integrated customer. 

Now, Nations saves more time than ever in their workflow. For example, Perfectly Clear took 81 seconds to edit 241 images. This would have taken 2 hours with Kodak.  That’s a 98% reduction in editing time – 44 times!

Before Perfectly Clear, their workflow required several manual interventions by the operators. With the implementation of QuickServer, they have removed several manual steps, which in turn gave them the ability to have multiple people work on the orders for one client. In the prior program, only one operator could work at a time to review images, even with automations in place.

“Working with the Perfectly Clear [EyeQ] team, it was clear from the start they wanted to understand our prior program’s limitations and create an integration with our current program so that we would have the best final improvement in workflow, as opposed to a ‘Band Aid’ solution,” says Jenny Zeigler, the Process Manager at Nations Photo Lab.

Not only does QuickServer save money through time, it is also a less expensive alternative to Nations’ prior enhancement software. 

Lastly Perfectly Clear is very robust – not just on producing great image quality, but also the software itself.  As Ian Ferguson, a System Analyst at Nations Photo Lab, said:

“I wanted to compliment folks that the Perfectly Clear system is probably the most reliable ‘sturdy’ software I have ever overseen in my time in the photo industry.”

— Ian Ferguson, System Analyst

It’s no surprise that Nations recently won the Editors Choice award by PCMag. Congratulations!

Do We Have a Business Solution for You?

Adding Perfectly Clear can help save you time and money, too! Take a look at our business solutions to choose the right one for you. Whether you’re a large lab like Nations, a small lab that looks at every photo individually, or even a photo kiosk, we can help improve your workflow with our patented technology. Fill out this form to contact us and schedule a demo today!

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