Norwegian Cruise Line

Here’s How Norwegian Cruise Line Uses Perfectly Clear to Sell More Photos and Make More Profit Across 17 Ships

Imagine how many vacationers get their photos taken on a cruise. When you have a fleet of 17 ships, that equates to tens of thousands of photos a day! Norwegian Cruise Line was in need of a photo editing software that was easy to use, quick, and could handle the high volume of photos. Ultimately, they landed on Perfectly Clear by EyeQ. 

Before working with EyeQ, Norwegian Cruise Line had no retouching or automated image enhancement workflow at all. Photographers would take photos of passengers, but there would be no retouching done. They decided to look for a solution that could automate the editing process so their subjects would look better and they could sell more photos. 

“Perfectly Clear stood out against the competition because it could do so much more than just soften skin,”

Cameron Lee, Director of Photo Operations at Norwegian Cruise Line

With Perfectly Clear, the cruise line photographers can easily whiten teeth, brighten eyes, slim faces, and more.

“The point is to do this effortlessly so we can apply accurate corrections to make people look better without knowing that they were retouched.”

Cameron Lee, Director of Photo Operations at Norwegian Cruise Line

After implementation of Perfectly Clear, Norwegian Cruise Line sells more photos than ever. The better the vacationers think they look, the more photos they will buy.

“When I look at our sales data for our portrait business, the summer period from one year to the next, the volume of sales increased about 12% [since implementation].”

Cameron Lee, Director of Photo Operations at Norwegian Cruise Line

Not only is Perfectly Clear an easy, quick way to edit photos on a cruise ship, they have been able to make more profit on their cruise photography business. 

How Norwegian Cruise Line Implemented Perfectly Clear

Oftentimes, our solutions are not “one size fits all.” We frequently work with our clients to make sure our Perfectly Clear technology fits in seamlessly with their workflow. When Norwegian Cruise Line first came onboard, they started with LAB and have since switched to QuickDesk and QuickServer. However, they needed some customization. 

QuickDesk allows the user to preview every image that has been edited with Perfectly Clear. You can customize settings and create your own presets based on your needs. The development team at EyeQ was able to work with Norwegian Cruise Line to separate these two functionalities. The settings and presets were first predetermined at their office, then able to be implemented across the 17 ships. Now, all the retouchers need to do is upload the photos and let Perfectly Clear do the rest!

We Have a Business Solution for You

Are you looking for automatic photo editing technology for your business? Contact us today to see how you can save time, save money, and delight your customers with Perfectly Clear. Whether you’re a cruise line looking to automate manual edits or have an app that lets users upload pictures, we have a solution for you. We’ll work with you every step of the way to make sure everything runs smoothly! Fill out this form to contact us or browse through our business solutions. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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