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How Strawbridge Studios Saves Time and Money Through Automation with Perfectly Clear by EyeQ

As Strawbridge Studios Inc. recently discovered, automation is the way of the future. Strawbridge, a leader in the portrait market, came to EyeQ because they needed a way to speed up the editing process and get prints out the door in a timely manner. Ultimately, automating their workflow with Perfectly Clear QuickServer and QuickDesk was the answer. 

“We were growing so fast, and we needed a solution for our color and retouching process,” said Brendan Collopy, general manager of Strawbridge Studios Inc.

“Perfectly Clear was recommended to us by several other photography companies… It has done a great job reducing labor and improving consistency in our product.”

After meeting with the EyeQ team, Strawbridge decided that the QuickServer and QuickDesk pairing was the best option for their needs. QuickServer is a fully automated hot folder solution, and QuickDesk provides a six-image view for control over editing. First, Strawbridge uses QuickServer to automatically correct all images before reviewing them. Then, they use QuickDesk or Photoshop to make any necessary tweaks. 

After implementing Perfectly Clear, Strawbridge was able to automate 70% of their workflow. Now, only 30% of the images require any manual edit.

Collopy explained that automation has not only sped up their workflow, it also has eradicated their issue of human error and opinion. He shared, “One of the biggest benefits was taking the process out of human hands. Too many artists were touching and tinkering with the retouching. Speed kills in this business, and this has helped speed things up.

Are You Ready to Automate Your Workflow With Perfectly Clear?

How can automation help your business? Our automatic photo editing technology is proven to save time, save money, and keep your customers happy. Whether you’re a lab looking to speed up your workflow or need front-end editing abilities for your customers, we can help. Browse our business solutions or contact us at for a demonstration of Perfectly Clear.

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