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Here’s How Picsy, a Photo Book App, Had Zero Returns Thanks to Perfectly Clear Web API

These days, nearly everyone is taking pictures on their mobile phones. While the quality of phone cameras is getting better, they still can’t compete with professional photography. However, when a consumer orders a product, they expect professional quality. Picsy was able to solve this issue by using our cloud-based Perfectly Clear Web API in their photobook service. After implementation, they didn’t have a single book returned. 

As background, Picsy offers a range of printed products that you can order off of their mobile app. They offer a variety of ways to preserve your memories such as photo books, calendars, and canvas prints. 

After getting some photo books sent back due to poor imagery, Picsy knew they had to find a solution. They began looking for an automatic editing technology that could work on any type of photo. “We were looking for a smart photo correction service where we can improve the quality of printed products with confidence, hands-free,” shared Dharmesh Acharya, the COO. Ultimately, they landed on Perfectly Clear Web API

“[Perfectly Clear] results are unmatched, AI is so smart [that it] detects every kind of photo and knows how to make it perfect.”

Dharmesh Acharya

Before Perfectly Clear, Picsy could not reach the level of customer satisfaction that they desired. Although they were using high quality HP Indigo printers, their customers were unhappy with the results of their orders from time to time. Many of the photos were uploaded from mobile phones, and they had issues with elements like shadows and highlights. Unfortunately, they had some of their photo books sent back. 

Acharya remarked, “Since we started using Perfectly Clear, we haven’t had a single order rejected and we are getting superb reviews on our App Store & Play Store.”

Not only is Picsy satisfied with the cost savings due to eliminating returns, they are also happy with the level of service they have received from the EyeQ team. The “Perfectly Clear team has been super responsive to various needs…swiftly supporting us,” says Acharya. By working with Picsy, we created a customized preset that optimizes their Indian wedding photo books— in the beginning, the bindis on the brides were darkening too much. 

Perfectly Clear Web API is an excellent option for small businesses because, like Picsy, you can predict the cost and only pay for what you use. There’s no contract, no obligation, and you can start immediately. Try it out today— you can get up to 100 free photo corrections per month! 

We Have a Photo Editing Solution for Your Business 

Whether you’re looking for a cloud-based Web API, an SDK, or a complete software application, we can help. Our Perfectly Clear core can be implemented anywhere. Browse our solutions to get started, and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions. We look forward to hearing from you!

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