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Iconic Group

Here’s How Iconic Group, the World’s Largest Commencement Services Company, Has Sped up Their Workflow and Made More Money With Perfectly Clear

What if we told you that you could eliminate the time your business spends editing photos with results that look better than ever, and with less cost? Iconic Group discovered the answer: Perfectly Clear. 

As the world’s largest commencement services company, Iconic Group has countless photos that need editing and retouching. Because they were photographing graduation ceremonies with hundreds (if not thousands) of students, they needed an automatic editing solution that would speed up their workflow. Ultimately, they chose Perfectly Clear. 

Because of Perfectly Clear, Iconic Group is able to: 

  • Save time by automating the editing process
  • Save money by using automation rather than a retouching lab
  • Make more money by offering more extensive retouching for sale
  • Delight their customers with beautiful images, part of Iconic’s goals

Before using Perfectly Clear, they would hire retouching labs to perform touch-ups. The results were mediocre, and they were getting complaints that there was no difference in the image. Not only was this costly, it simply was not working well. Now, Iconic Group can have the editing and retouching done automatically with Perfectly Clear for both cost and time savings. 

“We needed fast, consistent enhancements to images before they were marketed for sale,” explains Michelle Jagers, the Chief Operating Officer at Iconic Group. “In addition, we wanted to offer more extensive retouching for sale that did not require manual edits, and we have found great success with Beautify.”

Iconic Group uses the Perfectly Clear SDK in the backend of their workflow to edit and retouch their images before they are printed. This ensures that every image printed will be perfect and delight their customers! 

When it came to implementation, Jagers explains that it was “…very simple and we did not have any difficulty adjusting the settings to meet our needs. When we had questions or wanted suggestions, the entire team at [EyeQ] has been unmatched in their collaboration with us.”

From top to bottom, the service has been remarkable!

Michelle Jagers, Chief Operating Officer at Iconic Group.

Are You Ready to Improve Your Business Photography Workflow?

If you’re looking for automated photo editing technology, Perfectly Clear is here to help. Perfectly Clear is at the core of everything we offer, and it can be implemented wherever you need it. Whether you’re looking for backend automatic editing like Iconic Group or would like to add our Perfectly Clear technology directly into a mobile phone or app, we’ll make it happen. License our tech, use our standalone applications, and start automatically editing today. Contact us today for more information, or browse our business solutions. We look forward to hearing from you!

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