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How Candid Color Systems Uses Perfectly Clear Automation to Sell More Photos

As Candid Color Systems knows, speed is everything when you’re photographing events. Attendees want immediate access to graduation photos, finish line pictures, and other special moments. If they can’t immediately purchase their photos, interest begins to dip. Luckily, Candid Color Systems can now easily get edited photos online for purchase nearly instantly with the help of Perfectly Clear. 

Candid Color Systems’s situation is one that many businesses in the photo industry face: the consumer wants their photo instantly, but the photo needs to be edited in order for the consumer to be interested in purchasing. The only answer to this conundrum is robust and accurate color correction automation! 

Candid Color Systems began looking for a solution that would replace the manual editing photographers were doing after an event. Depending on the size of the event, it could take photographers days to upload the images for purchase. If they did not edit them, they risked uploading poor quality images that would not be purchased. After implementing Perfectly Clear as an automatic editing solution, they were able to solve both of these issues.  Furthermore, tedious imaging tasks are a main reason why companies are unable to scale.

“We get the most value of a picture within an hour [after shooting],” explained Demetri Barges, CIO at Candid Color Systems. “So, you need to get the images online to the consumer with everything ready to sell within an hour. After 24 hours, you’ll begin to see a dip of the value of that image.” 

To get the most value out of an image, you can’t spare the time it takes to manually edit it. Candid Color Systems was able to implement our Perfectly Clear SDK into their system so that all images are automatically corrected before being shown to the consumer online. 

One of the most obvious outcomes of the implementation is that the better an image looks, the more likely it is that the consumer will purchase it.

“Perfectly Clear has made some cases sellable which wouldn’t have been able to monetize/sell otherwise. Perfectly Clear saved the picture.”

Demetri Barges, CIO at Candid Color Systems

Not only are they delighting customers with Perfectly Clear, they are also able to save and sell photos that they would not have been able to otherwise. Plus, one of the best determinants of next year’s sales is this year’s image quality.

As far as implementation, Candid Color Systems has been very satisfied with the results of Perfectly Clear. “I have never seen an image that Perfectly Clear made worse,” shared Barges. Out of more than 10 million images processed per year by Candid Color Systems, Perfectly Clear has maintained its promise that it would only improve photos— any photo that does not need editing is not touched. 

Are You Ready to Automate Your Photo Editing? 

We’re the world leaders in automatic image correction, and for good reason. Our Perfectly Clear technology is automation that you can trust! Like Candid Color Systems said, you can count on Perfectly Clear to never make an image worse— only better. Browse our business solutions or contact our team for a demo today!

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