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Personalized and Responsive Customer Service Made Decision To Use Perfectly Clear an Easy One for MonFairePart

Mon Faire Part takes pride in their products, and quality is the most important aspect of their business. This French company specializes in printing cards, announcements, and invitations. They pay attention to every detail, and it shows! Of course, this includes the quality of images used on their prints. 

When MonFairePart made quality a main pillar of their business, they knew that the photography in their cards was something that needed to be addressed. Customers have the option to use their own photos in these prints, and they often use images that are not up to standard. Many times, they will be taken from a mobile phone and have issues with lighting and color. MonFairePart needed a fast, effortless way to automatically correct these images. Ultimately, they landed on Perfectly Clear. 

By giving their customers a corrected image on their order, they are able to delight their customers and keep them coming back to reorder whenever they need a card, invitation, or announcement.

Perfectly Clear QuickDesk allows MonFairePart to make a one-click correction while viewing every image to ensure quality. QuickDesk works by showing the user a six-up view so they can easily and quickly view each image and its correction. If there are any images that need extra attention, they can quickly make added corrections before moving onto the next set of six images. 

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MonFairePart expressed that it was easy to make a decision to implement Perfectly Clear. They had heard that EyeQ has a great reputation, and it is important to them to have a good relationship with all their partners. Since implementation, Patricia Peticolas, the Customer Engagement Manager at EyeQ, made a special visit to France to meet the team. Fun fact: she’s fluent in French! MonFairePart believes that EyeQ’s level of customer care paired with the excellent technology has been an integral part of their success. 

Is Photo Quality & Personalized Customer Service Important to Your Business? Contact EyeQ Today

If imagery is a main part of your business, we have an accessible way to enhance the quality of your photos. Our automatic photo editing technology can be implemented anywhere, and we have a variety of ways to use it. MonFairePart uses a backend correction, but we also have solutions where the customer can view the image before and after it is corrected. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you save time, save money, and delight your customers just like MonFairePart! 

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