Here’s How Journi Was Able To Boost Customer Satisfaction With Perfectly Clear

Perfectly Clear is known as the world leader in automatic image correction, and for good reason! When Journi began to get complaints about image quality, they knew they had to find a solution that would be up to their high standards. Ultimately, they landed on implementing Perfectly Clear into the backend of their product creation process.

Journi was founded as a mobile-focused photobook company and has since expanded into other printed products such as calendars and polaroids. They focused their business on creating the best photobook layouts based on AI technology, and they have seen great success. 

Their customers were very happy with their high-quality products, but when customers quickly capture an important moment, there is no time to think about little details like shadows in faces. In the end, these little details are not visible on a backlight screen but will show on printed paper. Competitors of Journi often offer the users tools to correct this manually, but many users didn’t recognize these issues at all. Hence, Journi wanted to automate this as well and save the user time, while at the same time guaranteeing a great print result to raise their level of customer satisfaction.

When starting this project, Journi looked at other solutions and made the decision to implement Perfectly Clear into their workflow so all photos would be automatically enhanced. Perfectly Clear solved their issue of too dark faces and more. Complaints  based on this issue were reduced by 100%, saving money and increasing customer satisfaction.

“One of the main reasons why we onboarded with [EyeQ] was because we got concrete feedback that faces were very dark in photographs taken against the light when printed. These issues are hard to see for customers with a strong backlight screen, so they complained about the print results. We tested Perfectly Clear and found that the solution they offer works best for us. Now, we get no more complaints about this topic.”

Christian Papauschek, Co-Founder and CTO of Journi

Journi was able to build the Perfectly Clear SDK into their own container for ease of implementation. If a photo is uploaded, it will automatically run through Perfectly Clear’s correction suite before being printed. 

Keep Your Customers Happy With Perfectly Clear 

If your business uses photos, consider adding Perfectly Clear to your workflow. Journi was able to satisfy their customers with printed products after implementing our automatic photo editing technology, and you can too! Perfectly Clear can be implemented anywhere for any business. Contact us today to learn more!

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