Does Perfectly Clear work on ARM / M1 Macs?

Yes – but there are some steps required if you are using the PhotoShop plugin.

Perfectly Clear standalone applications and the Lightroom and Photoshop plugins will run with Apple’s Rosetta 2. This is seamless and should require nothing other than running the applications as usual.

If you are using PhotoShop with native ARM support, then there are extra steps required to allow PhotoShop to run the Perfectly Clear Plugin with Rosetta 2.

  1. go to the Application folder, select Adobe Photoshop 2021
  2. with the right click ask the “Get Info”
  3. On this new tab, select the “Open using Rosetta” check box

** Perfectly Clear Complete is no longer available for sale, and Radiant Photos is taking its place. Radiant Photos works on M1.

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