How can I transfer Perfectly Clear to my new computer?

Perfectly Clear Complete can be activated on two computers per license key. If you have only activated Perfectly Clear Complete on one computer, you can use that license key on a second. If you want to run it on a third system, one must be deactivated. 

In order to deactivate Perfectly Clear:

  • Start AppsManager
  • Click the 3-line icon in the top right corner of Perfectly Clear widget. The activation dialog box will appear.
  • Copy your license key so you have it for your new computer.
  • Click Deactivate. It will inform the licensing server.

To activate on your new device:

  • Download and install Perfectly Clear into the new system from our site at
  • This installer contains both Perfectly Clear Complete and AppsManager
  • After installing AppsManager, activate Perfectly Clear Complete using the same 3-line icon in the top corner

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