How do I get billed for Background Balancing?

Background Balancing is currently an add-on to QuickDesk. First, you must purchase a subscription to QuickDesk. The Background Balancing feature is billed based on the number of images you apply this correction to. The cost is 10 cents per image.

In order to use Background Balancing, it must be turned on when you upload a job. Our system will track how many images Background Balancing has been used on based on how many images you save with the feature on.

If you would like the Background Balancing feature, you must email or contact your personal EyeQ representative to turn the feature on. You must create a Web API account and upload the credit card you would like to pay for Background Balancing with. Then, your credit card will be charged at the end of the month for any images you used Background Balancing on. Your sales rep will walk you through it!

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