How Do I Use AI Preset Selection in Web API?

EyeQ’s AI Preset Selection is now available in the Web API!

This technology uses machine learning to detect image scenes, categorize them, and then apply the optimal preset automatically. In other words, different presets are automatically applied based on what scene is detected.

If you currently use our Web API, implementing AI Preset Selection is simple.

You can either not provide a preset or use preset=auto, and AI Preset Selection will automatically turn on.

By default, the Universal group of presets is applied. The Universal group contains over a dozen scenes and is great for all kinds of photos from portraits to selfies, deserts to winter scenes, and flowers to food. We also have a “Pro” group that’s designed for professional photography (including school, wedding, sports, and event photography) however, this is not applied by default. If you’d like to implement the Pro group, follow the steps below to export and upload this group. Learn more about Universal vs. Pro groups here.

Customizing Presets in AI Preset Selection

You also have the option to customize your own presets for the scenes supported by AI Preset Selection. Use our Perfectly Clear Workbench application to customize any or all of the AI presets.

Save your custom presets in Workbench then export these to a .preset file, and upload to the Web API as a new ‘Preset Group’. Be sure to upload to the AI Preset Groups section in the Web API:

Then, select this with preset=haleysuniversal (replace “haleysuniversal” with the name of your .preset file). Now AI Preset Selection will automatically apply your custom presets depending on which scene is detected in the image.

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