Can QuickDesk be integrated with ROES?

Yes, QuickDesk can be integrated into various LAB workflow tools like ROES using the ‘manifest file’ system described below.

So what is ROES?

ROES Server can be configured to generate these manifest files and launch QuickDesk using it’s QuickDesk Listener Agent.  Details about the ROES / QuickDesk Listener Agent can be found here on the ROES-U site.  

With this integration with ROES, you can click one button in ROES to open a job in QuickDesk with all the job parameters already setup. Just review the corrections and click ‘Save All’ and QuickDesk will inform ROES when it’s done and the corrected images are ready.

How to set it up?

Using ROES?  Then see the ROES-U site for how to install and configure their QuickDesk Listener Agent.

Not using ROES?  No problem, you can still automate QuickDesk with this manifest file interface.

Your LAB Workflow Software will communicate job configuration data and image list to QuickDesk via a simple text manifest file. LAB Workflow Software will write this manifest file, then will run QuickDesk with the path of this file as a command line parameter.

Sample Manifest file contents:

Here is an example of a manifest file, showing proper formatting and setting all available options:

# Perfectly Clear QuickDesk Job Manifest file
# lines starting with # are ignored

manifest_format_version: 1
preset_group: Perfectly Clear Essentials
preset_name: Intelligent Auto
output_files: overwrite originals
original_files: delete
include_subfolders: no
job_complete_triggerfile: ~/Server/Original_Photos/R00010/QuickDesk_complete.txt


There are more details in the QuickDesk User Guide.

Learn more on the ROES website here.

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