Letter From the President 2022

Dear Perfectly Clear community,

As we prepare for 2023, we reflected on everything we accomplished in the past year and everything we are inventing and rolling out for the future. Hopefully, this will help you plan your roadmap, too.  And remember that our roadmap is always based on your needs, so if there is something in particular that you’d like to request, please let us know!

Our mission has always been to build efficient and accessible technology to give your business a competitive edge. Our ongoing innovation does just that.

Even though we’ve been in business 21 years, the last year  saw the release of our most powerful technology ever!

1.    Next generation of Perfectly Clear –  automatic editing technology powered by a unique balance of real science and artificial intelligence:

  • AI Scene Detection
  • AI Enhancement
  • AI Skin tone Detection and enhancement
  • Married with our patented classical algorithms

2. Real time AI Video Enhancement

We’ve spent the last year perfecting this technology, including but not limited to:

3. Launching two AI models:

  • One optimized for consumer photos
  • A second for professional and the high volume school & sports market including green screen photos
  • Perfecting the presets and their corrections

4. Making AI Scene Detection more accurate than ever with an improved our success rate from 86% to 91%

5. Increasing Skin Tone Detection accuracy to 99%

We’ve also been working on innovation outside our core technology. This year, we:

  • Launched Perfectly Clear Cloud, our new automatic online editor
  • Brought AI to our mobile app for iOS and Android through our Mobile SDK
  • Workflow – direct integration in DP2, MediaClip, and Fotomerchant to further expand our existing Taopix, AReal Media, ROES, Netlife, FileStack, Softec integrations to make your life simpler, easier and more efficient
  • In Beta – AI Flattened File Image Correction, allowing us to correct individual images found within pages, layouts, or borders, even if the file has been flattened

You can read more about our innovation and technology updates here.

And that’s not all! The R&D team has been extremely busy on future inventions and releases on the horizon and wanted to share some of them with you.

  • Engineering Perfectly Clear to go faster
  • Auto Crop – After gathering customer feedback, we are almost finished developing Auto Crop for portraits and yearbooks and will have a demo for you by January.
  • AI Skin Tone Accuracy – We’re expanding the reach of this to automatically detect and perfect the enhancement on a larger scale of skin tones. We’ve spent 1.5 years researching this and found that this model will cover all different skin tones and races around the world for each one’s preference.
  • AI Upscaling – This is crucial for anyone printing small consumer images.

What else would you like to see?  What are your current pain points?  Please call or email me anytime as I’m really keen to hear. We’re here to help in whatever capacity you need. After all, our mission is to build efficient and accessible technology to give your business a competitive edge by increasing your revenue, reducing costs, and saving time – which is especially pertinent in today’s environment

Lastly, I want to thank you for your continued business and support. We’re a passionate and small (but growing!) team of 20 doing what we love. We exist because of you, for which I have never-ending gratitude, and something I never take for granted.

Wishing you and your family a very festive holiday season.


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