Calgary, September 26, 2018 — Perfectly Clear, the most trusted automatic image correction technology available today, announced the official release of Perfectly Clear Software Developer’s Kit (SDK) Version 8, available now.  The company debuted the solution at the 2018 Photokina conference, where it is exhibiting at Booth B-042/Hall 5.1 through Sept. 29.

“Sharp, clear and vibrant photos are the cornerstone of high-volume photographers as well as e-commerce, social engagement and printing companies today. That’s why we continued to innovate to deliver even more firepower than available to them before,” commented Brad Malcolm, president, Athentech — the company under which Perfectly Clear falls. “With Perfectly Clear, you can instantly perfect photos at scale, unlocking your potential to improve customer satisfaction, increase revenue and remove costly inefficiencies in editing workflow.”

Perfectly Clear SDK Version 8 features:

  • 3X speed enhancement — through a significant investment in engineering, the latest version is now three times faster than current to help achieve substantial performance gains.
  • Stronger and more robust sharpening — the sharpening algorithm has been improved to allow for crisper details at higher strengths.
  • New corrections —  available to date only on the Perfectly Clear Complete desktop solution, new manual controls via the SDK now allow photographers to further showcase their creativity and allow for more granular fine tuning, including:

Image Ambulance works well for recovering under and even overexposed images 

 Face Aware Exposure –This means a more robust correction automatically for faces in front of a bright background (ensuring you can see the face!)

Time saving tools for Landscape Photography – Neutral Density and Foliage & Sky Enhancement.  A digital version of the Neutral Density filter on the lens so photographers can effectively reduce the amount of light entering the lens. 

Foliage & Sky Enhancement showcases vivid green and brown foliage and rich blue skies, as well as a sunset correction

Creative LOOKs – in response to multiple requests to add creative effects that our licensees can offer to their customers, LOOKs enables dramatical or subtle changes to the color and tone of images

Plus even more…

Beyond the added editing sharpness and dramatic speed enhancement, Perfectly Clear worked to ensure ease of implementation and use with its latest SDK release. Perfectly Clear’s web browser image processing SDK will launch later this year, enabling Perfectly Clear to run directly in the web browser to create a noticeably fast and simple user experience, and complimenting its existing native SDK for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android.

Finally, Perfectly Clear QuickDesk is now integrated with 36Pix for green screen. Ideal for labs and high-volume photographers, this partnership with 36Pix will further streamline their workflow. 

More information on Perfectly Clear SDK V8 can be found at . This latest technology builds on powerful automatic corrections Perfectly Clear released last year: Face Aware Exposure, which provides robust exposure under all lighting situations, and more robust Color Vibrancy.  Perfectly Clear currently corrects over 11 billion photos per year, automatically, and is used by the largest printers in every major country around the world. Perfectly Clear continues to be licensed and integrated by leaders in the printing space and mobile phone OEMs, and we welcome the latest licensees Printbox and Cyfrowafoto, Poland’s largest printer.  

About Athentech Imaging, Inc.

Since 2001, Athentech has been committed to creating innovative solutions for photographers and photo companies who desire precision, speed, and beauty in their workflow. Year after year, our dedicated team of physicists, engineers, and photographers continue to build upon the very same level of excellence we were founded upon. Together, we invest our knowledge and time into providing technology that makes your photos look stunning, automatically.  Our work is firmly grounded in scientific process—designed with the mission to make your life easier, save you time, and guarantee beautiful images. Headquartered in Calgary, Canada, Athentech has team presence in San Francisco, Austin, New York, Moscow, India, and Tokyo. Visit for more information.

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