Feb 2021

  • Added PDF process support to QuickServer


Jan 2021

  • Improved Stability in QuickDesk – especially when using Background Balancing
  • Disable Redeye in Studio preset
  • Enable Clipart detection in WorkBench by default
  • Small improvement to Apps Manager on Windows with multiple Windows accounts


Nov 2020

  • Add support for alpha channel transparency in PNG and TIF files
  • Fixed issue that made some preset groups readonly


Oct 2020

  • Launching iAuto ’21 presets and new suite of correction tools.  Learn more here.
  • QuickServer: Adding Clipart detection and skipping, as well as the ability to skip files based on file type
  • Fix issue with JPEG’s with a specific, corrupt ICC profile
  • QuickServer: fix issue with output folder management
  • QuickServer: fix issue preventing ‘start trigger files’ from being moved to the output folder
  • New or updated RAW file support for: Fujifilm X T3, Fujifilm X T30, Leica SL Typ601, Nikon Coolpix P 1000, Nikon D3500, Nikon Z6, Nikon Z7, Olympus E Pl6, Olympus TG 5, Panasonic Lumix DMC G9, Sony Alpha ILCE A6400, Sony Alpha ILCE A7R III, Sony Alpha ILCE A7R IV, Sony Alpha ILCE A7S II


Mar 2020

  • Launching Background Balancing
  • QuickServer: Added full localizations in several languages
  • QuickServer: New “Copy Channel” capability
  • Fix colorspace conversation issue on non-embedded AdobeRGB images


Jan 2020

  • Added new ‘iAuto 2019 with Red Eye’ preset, and removed Red Eye correction from the default ‘iAuto 2019’ Preset
  • QuickServer: fix issue on Windows that prevents edited channels from being saved in certain conditions

Version 3.9

Nov 2019

  • Added “Visual Dropdowns” in the correction tools to make it quick and easy to apply tools like Sky Enhancement, Foliage Enhancement and several others
  • Added new Contrast correction in the Tone section – a separate tool from our previous Depth correction to make subtle contrast adjustments quick and easy
  • Launched the new iAuto 2019 Preset to achieve even better image quality from our default preset
  • Many usability improvements


Oct 2019

  • Prevent a crash when using ‘Save & Close’ when the filmstrip is visible
  • QuickServer: improve folder handling when moving from Mac to Win systems (allow both path separators / and \ )


Sept 2019

  • Major improvement in detection capability in Clipart Detection – up to 80% more accurate detection
  • QuickServer: improvements for Channel importing from LAB 5 and improve import/export settings capabilities
  • QuickServer: improved handing of text files in subfolders that are used by Noritsu printers – to allow simple integration with Dakis
  • Many usability improvements, including several improvements when importing and exporting presets, re-order the Preset Groups into alphabetical instead of chronological order
  • Allow adding images to the current job if the new images share a parent-folder with the currently opened images

Version 3.8

Aug 2019

Version 3.7

May 2019

Version 3.6.3

Dec 2018

  • Added support to edit original file in PhotoShop, then re-load the corrected image in QuickDesk once the image is saved

Version 3.6.1

Sep 2018

  • 36 Pix integration added
  • Image Quality improvements: 
    • Fixed issue with very low Dynamic Range issues that could cause black pixels in the output image
    • Fixed issue with very bright images that would result in low contrast output
    • Fixed issue when iVibrancy = 0 on high-key images or photos with while borders

Version 3.6

Jul 2018

Version 3.5.7

Mar 2018

  • Major performance improvements when navigating between images and in the Filmstrip thumbnail generation
  • Filmstrip thumbnails now update on correction settings changes and when ‘Syncing’ settings
  • Fix for Quick Correct controls losing settings when switching images

Version 3.5.6

Dec 2017

  • Fix for applying Gradient Filters in output images
  • Better handling of move/backup handling when files with the same filenames already exist
  • Many minor usability improvements

Version 3.5.5

Dec 2017

  • Allow choosing output color space
  • Better support for EXIF rotation

Version 3.5.4

Nov 2017

  • Performance improvement in startup, filmstrip and others
  • Usability improvements and bug fixes

Version 3.5

Nov 2017

  • Major update – added thumbnails for Presets and LOOKs in the left column
  • Added ‘Favorites’ for Presets and LOOKs
  • Added Filmstrip at bottom of window to quickly switch between images
  • Added Undo/Redo capability
  • Added RAW image support
  • Many usability improvements and bug fixes

Version 3.2

Sep 2017

  • Initial support to load PNG and BMP files
  • Several minor usability improvements

Version 3.1

Jul 2017

  • QuickDesk first released