EyeQ Takes on Chicago & RUG

Well, we didn’t actually receive any red carpet when we arrived in Chicago, but perhaps the wind blew it away?  Chicago certainly lived up to its reputation as the “windy city” as this image illustrates!

Image edited with Perfectly Clear – Brownie LOOKs

We’re delighted to have been invited by the good people over at ROES to participate in their informative and education yearly ROES User Group, better known as RUG.

It was great speaking with many of you and getting your feedback and suggestions on how Perfectly Clear QuickDesk is saving you time so you can spend your time doing more productive tasks than image correction, and also great to hear what further features you’d like.  One thing we heard many times is that shortcut keys are important, and to please include a “wheelman” type device to supplement the productivity of Perfectly Clear QuickDesk. We’re working on that, stay tuned. And if you have a particular type of device you’d like to see, please let us know.

We completed our integration with ROES allowing for workflow efficiency for anyone using ROES.  Patricia introduced it here and you can read about the details and how to use here.  

Of course, no trip would be complete without checking out the sites and fixing our camera phone images with Perfectly Clear.

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