We’re Now EyeQ! Here’s Why That’s Exciting for Us and You!

In a move that will accelerate our innovation in automatic photo correction and photography solutions to save you time, we’re pleased to announce that EyeQ acquired Athentech Imaging Inc., makers of Perfectly Clear. Our multi-patented solutions have empowered photographers, printers and every day photo enthusiasts worldwide with perfectly clear, brilliant and sharp images for the past 15 years. The acquisition of Athentech by EyeQ maintains all of the Perfectly Clear solutions, customer effort and support while allowing the company to bolster investments in cutting-edge technology and building out our world-class team. The result? Even more powerful support and solutions coming from EyeQ for you in the coming months and years.

To do this, we’ve onboarded a strong team of experts to carry forward Athentech’s legacy while defining a new chapter of imaging correction leadership under the EyeQ banner.

Meet EyeQ’s passionate global team of leading color scientists, physicists, astrophysicists, mathematicians, engineers and photographers!

We’re already working hard behind the scenes on several exciting announcements including a new solution debut and partnership with a global company. As the power of photography continues to take hold in our personal and professional lives, stay tuned to learn about all the new developments in the coming months!

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Where Did EyeQ Come From?

We put a lot of thought into EyeQ. You can learn more about the acquisition here, but first, we’ll tell you the meaning behind EyeQ Photos.

IQ = Image Quality
IQ = Intelligence Quotient
EYE = Human Perception (and our corrections are accurate)
PHOTOS = Well, we’re sure you can guess that!

Just like a lot has gone into our name, a lot goes into our services. We look forward to all that is to come!

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