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Perfectly Clear Lab Is Evolving Into QuickServer

We are excited to announce our newest business product — Perfectly Clear QuickServer.

Designed by people with a passion for photo-editing and accurate automatic corrections, this new product was created to save you time while seamlessly fitting into your workflow.  Now, your lab can benefit from our latest technology at a much higher volume and faster than ever.

Perfectly Clear QuickServer, the newest addition to our collection of business products, works hand in hand with our desktop product QuickDesk to fully automate corrections for very high volumes without requiring any user input or interaction.

Create “Channels” to associate a specific Preset with folders and processing settings. Once the Channels are created, you can drop an unlimited number of images or jobs into the input folder or integrate this into your existing workflow for full automation. Now with QuickServer, your lab can fully automate image correction.

QuickServer replaces LAB, and includes several new features… Click here to learn more about the power of QuickServer!

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