What’s the difference between AI Preset Groups and single presets?

Perfectly Clear has undergone some major updates since the inclusion of AI in our automatic photo correction technology. Artificial intelligence allows us to make our technology even smarter — automation has never been more intelligent.

The main reason Perfectly Clear corrections are so accurate and intelligent is because of AI Preset Selection. AI Preset Selection identifies the contents of the image, then applies a correction with predetermined parameters based on the photo. This ensures that the correction is as accurate as possible. This works by choosing an individual preset from the AI Preset Group, then adjusting the parameters intelligently within that preset.

So, you can think of the AI Preset Group as a group of individual presets the AI will choose from to ensure the best correction on your images. This is completely automatic and happens behind the scenes — all you need to do is sit back, relax, and let AI do all the work!

On the other hand, individual presets make up each AI Preset Group. Each individual preset is tuned to create the best correction for the specific scene of the image.

In summary, our AI works by:

  1. Reading the contents of your image to determine which preset will be best (AI Preset Selection choosing an individual preset from an AI Preset Group)
  2. Applying that preset
  3. Intelligently tweaking parameters to ensure the best correction within that preset (for example, knowing there is person in the image with a dark face and relighting their face without damaging the rest of the image)

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