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4 of the Best Creepy Photography Ideas Perfect for Halloween

Every year, the Halloween season brings creepy vibes that make you want to take out your camera and snap some scary photos. If you’re looking for creepy photography ideas, we have them! Are you ready to take some bone-chilling photos?

Having countless photos to edit can be just as scary as these creepy photography ideas! Luckily, Perfectly Clear is here to help. Our batch processing automatically adds up to 40 corrections to each photo using a combination of artificial intelligence and real science. Try it for free on Perfectly Clear Cloud, our online automatic editor.

4 Creepy Photography Ideas for Your Next Shoot

1. An Old, Abandoned House

Is there an old house in your neighborhood? Better yet, is it really old and abandoned? Any peeling paint or funky Victorian architecture will make a great creepy photo. Keep in mind that just because the home doesn’t necessarily creep you out doesn’t mean that you can’t make it creepy! You might have to think outside the box on this one. You can try photographing it at night or in low light, too!

creepy photography ideas

2. Cobwebs

If you’re in an area with lots of foliage, it’s pretty easy to find some cobwebs to photograph. If you’re photographing a spider web, here are a few tips:

  • Shoot on a still day. Spider webs are very delicate, so the smallest bit of breeze or movement could ruin your photo.
  • Try for a dark background. The web will stand out more!
  • Narrow your depth of field to throw your background out of focus.

3. Iron Fences

Getting a stark photo of an iron fence or sharp iron against a cloudy sky is always chilling. When we see photos like this, it makes us wonder what the fence is trying to keep out… or what kind of creature it’s trying to keep in! Then, a black and white filter will take it to the next level.

creepy photography ideas

4. Ghost Story Lighting

Time to get creepy with your lighting! Did you ever tell ghost stories with a flashlight? The eerie lighting always made the story so much scarier. Use lighting to your advantage and shoot some creepy portraits. In a dark room, set up a light next to your subject or have them hold a flashlight up under their chin. The effect will be similar to what you used to experience when telling ghost stories!

Time to Edit

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