Perfectly Clear for Business: New Updates and Releases 2020

EyeQ is happy to announce a major update to all of our business products! As the only photo editing technology that delivers Real Color Photography®, we are continuously innovating on ways we can improve. With the addition of iAuto 2021 and some other enhancements, we are happy to release this major update to Perfectly Clear.

Introducing iAuto 2021

iAuto 2021 takes our Real Color Photography® to the next level. You can expect your images to be sharper, crisper, and more lifelike than ever. We invite you to learn more about all the new tech that comes along with iAuto 2021!


SDK Version 9 Release 


Version 9 of our SDK represents a major step forward in image quality and ease of use. After countless hours of testing (thank you to all those that participated!), sleepless nights, and 73,568 coffee beans we are finally ready to release our newest version of our SDK. These upgrades include everything that’s new in iAuto 2021 plus: 

Pre-built Command Line Utility

We’ve taken our SDK, sample code, and years of implementation feedback from dozens of customers and put this all together in a command line application that’s included with each SDK license. This tool offers a simple, reliable, and fast way to integrate Perfectly Clear into many existing photo workflows. The application supports a wide range of use-cases and is ready for immediate use in the most demanding production environments.  We’ve always had a command line solution, now it’s more “out of the box ready.”

Other Major Improvements

  • New support for Clipart detection using our AI-based image content detection
  • Ability to simplify a single Strength Slider like used in EyeQ desktop applications
  • New function to quickly determine recommended exposure and other auto parameters
  • New support for WebP images

Continuing to Evolve and Improve

  • Fixed memory leak when reading JPEG image files with the PFCImageFile library

For more technical information on our Version 9 release, take a look at our Perfectly Clear SDK Documentation.

Get Version 9 SDK Today!

You don’t want to miss this upgrade! To get the newest version of our SDK, please contact your personal sales representative or email us at

If you’ve skipped a version or two, you are missing out on even more! See all of our version histories here. 

QuickDesk and QuickServer Improvements 

You asked, we listened! Along with all of the improvements and additions mentioned above (including iAuto 2021), we added more capabilities to Perfectly Clear QuickServer. You can now skip images based on file type, a huge customer request that our engineering team was able to make happen. 

In order to take advantage of these new features, make sure you’re on the most updated version of QuickDesk and QuickServer. These will be automatically pushed to you via our AppsManager.

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