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Here Are Our Top 7 Questions to Ask Photography Clients

You got a potential client inquiry– hooray! But now what? It’s time to discuss the expectations of your client for the project they would like you to shoot, and for you to sell them on the deal. Finding the right questions to ask photography clients can seem challenging at first, but once you have your questions in mind, it gets easier!

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7 of the Best Questions to Ask Photography Clients

1. Break the Ice

Once you send them an answer to their email, it’s time to meet up and discuss the project. Whether you are doing your consultation over the phone or in person, making your potential client comfortable with you is one of the most important parts of your conversation. Many people do not particularly like to be photographed and might be nervous in front of the camera. If you’re meeting at a place like a coffee shop or a restaurant, ask them what they would like to drink and get it for them. While you wait, you can make small talk and introduce yourself to them. We have found that this puts people at ease! Otherwise, a phone conversation is easy to introduce yourself during.

2. Ask Them Their Story

This pertains to nearly any shoot you might be doing. Learning about your client is a great way to get to the bottom of what they are really looking for. If you’re shooting an engagement series, ask how they got engaged. How did they get together in the first place? Some of these stories will surprise you, and you will learn a lot more about people this way than asking them to tell you exactly what they want in a shoot. They might not know, or they might not be able to successfully tell you. Remember, you’re the expert!

3. Is There Anything Specific That You Want Captured?

Sometimes, people know exactly what they want photographed during their session or event. For example, for some brides, it’s important that they get as many photos of their family as possible. For others, they want countless of photos of people having fun. Every client is different, and you won’t know until you ask!

4. If It’s an Event, Have Them Walk You Through Every Step That You Will Be There to Photograph

This is mostly for big events and weddings, but having your client walk you through the day can give you a good idea of what they are looking for. Does your client want photographs of them getting ready? Do they want a time designated for group photographs? This helps you plan your timeline and accurate pricing.

5. How Do You Plan on Using These Images?

Whether you’re photographing a wedding, a newborn, or family portraits, knowing how the client is planning to use the photos will help you plan your specific shots. For example, if a family is planning on hanging four vertical portraits from your session in the same room, you know that your images need to be cohesive. Some brides might already have their “save the date” cards in mind, and you can photograph something to fit that.

6. Where Would You Like These Photos to Be Taken?

Every photographer knows that there’s a huge difference between taking indoor or outdoor portraits, and they need to prepare for it. Don’t go in blind; know the lighting and the tools you will need for your shots.

7. Is There Any Particular Editing Style You Like?

Once you have asked your clients about the particular photos they are looking for, it’s time to find out their editing style. Are they looking for black and white? Full, vibrant color? How much retouching are they comfortable with? What mood do they want to set? This is also a great time for you to show albums of images you have taken so they can pick and choose from there.

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