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Clipart Detection Arrives in QuickDesk!

Perfectly Clear technology is even more robust, we now automatically detect clipart!

In our latest release of QuickDesk, we added an Artificial Intelligence engine to detect digital images that are not photos.

When these “clipart” images are detected, QuickDesk will not apply any image corrections to them – without the operator needing to take any action. This same advancement will arrive in QuickServer and our SDK shortly.

This is hugely important for photo book printers and others that print digital images from a wide range of sources. Perfectly Clear is great at making every photo look it’s best – but on clipart and logos and other graphic elements – the more important thing is to faithfully reproduce the image that the customer selected. For example, a logo with corporate or school colors. Specific colors need to be represented accurately in the printed book.

Our clipart detection allows these images to be isolated from the image batch quickly and effortlessly – ensuring the photos look amazing, and the logos and graphics look exactly as the customer intended.

This system will continue to “learn” as it is used – there is a feedback mechanism built-in that will send a small number of statistics back to us. These stats will improve the AI model’s ability to determine if a file is clipart or a photo.

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