Perfectly Clear & Filestack

Seamless Integration: Perfectly Clear Meets Filestack

Filestack and Perfectly Clear offer powerful solutions for managing and enhancing images. Filestack simplifies uploading, storing, and managing images with its user-friendly interface and tools, allowing seamless integration of image handling into your apps. On the other hand, Perfectly Clear automatically improves image quality by fixing colors, exposure, and sharpness, giving your images a professional look with minimal effort. Together, these tools can significantly enhance your image processing capabilities.

How to use Perfectly Clear with Filestack?

Integrating Perfectly Clear with Filestack is a simple process that can significantly enhance the quality of your images. If you’re not a current Filestack user, simply sign up for an account or contact the Filestack team to get started.  

To use Perfectly Clear with Filestack, you must update the API call structure by including preset=auto. This update allows you to leverage the new AI enhancements for your images. 

The benefits of using Filestack and Perfectly Clear together 

Using Filestack and Perfectly Clear together makes managing and enhancing your images easier.

Filestack simplifies uploading, storing, and managing images. Its user-friendly interface and tools allow you to quickly integrate image handling into your apps.

Perfectly Clear improves image quality by automatically fixing colors, exposure, and sharpness. It gives your images a professional look completely automatically.

You get the best of both when you use Filestack with Perfectly Clear. Filestack helps you manage your images, and Perfectly Clear makes them look great. You can upload, manage, and enhance your images seamlessly.

Perfectly Clear gives you automatic, fast, and reliable image corrections when using Filestack. 

In summary, here are the benefits of using both together:

  • Reduce customer complaints and returns
  • Set yourself apart from the competition
  • Reliable and consistent correction
  • Increase sales by 12%

The best part? There are more than 40 corrections to make your images look great. For example,

  • Targeted lighting adjustment
  • Accurate color and tint
  • Recover details and highlights
  • Lifelike faces and skin tone

Perfectly Clear Examples with Filestack

Here’s an excellent example of Perfectly Clear rescuing an extremely backlit photo. The situation couldn’t be more challenging — the brightest light source (the sun) is directly behind her, epitomizing backlighting! Yet, even the sun is no match for Perfectly Clear. 

It smartly brightens the foreground without overexposing the background. The colors remain accurate and natural despite the original darkness. As a result, it transforms an unusable image into a usable one.


Filestack’s new feature with Perfectly Clear makes photo editing simple and fast. Using AI, these tools help your photos look professional with little effort. Filestack makes it easy to upload, store, and edit pictures while Perfectly Clear automatically fixes colors, brightness, and clarity. This combination saves time and improves image quality, which in turn helps reduce complaints and makes your photos stand out. 

Interested? Reach out to Filestack to learn more about the integration!

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