AI in School & Sports Photography

The Power of AI in School & Sports Photography: A New Perspective

AI, or artificial intelligence, is a buzzword that has taken the photography industry by storm. In this blog, we’ll explore how AI is making waves in school and sports photography, and how it can revolutionize the way you approach your craft and your business.

Before We Begin

AI is here to stay, and its potential is vast. It’s essential to understand that AI is only as good as the data it’s trained on. The more comprehensive and diverse the data, the more valuable the output. AI derives insights from this data, making predictions, automating processes, and executing tasks it has been trained for.

In practical terms, AI won’t replace your job, but it will enhance your performance and efficiency. We’re at a technological crossroads where you can choose to embrace AI, utilizing it to improve your workflow and the quality of your work.

3 Trends in School & Sports Photography

There are three key trends we are seeing in the school and sports photography industry. If you use AI right, it can help you navigate these challenges effectively. Here’s what you need to know:

Trend 1: Parents Expect More

Today’s parents demand more than ever. They seek diverse options, from backgrounds and packages to digital vs. print delivery options. What’s more, they expect top-notch photo quality, as highlighted in a study by the School Photographers of America Association and Fotomerchant.

Your photography business might already excel in quality, but here’s where AI steps in: leverage automation for green screen knockout and ensure consistently excellent photo quality with automatic image enhancement, like Perfectly Clear. AI is objective and error-free.

Trend 2: Good Manual Editors Are Hard to Find

If you’re fortunate to have excellent manual editors, consider yourself lucky. However, many in the industry struggle to find replacements as experienced color correctors retire or move on. This is where AI and automation really shine.

In a world of rising costs, AI strategically lowers expenses. It’s available around the clock, doesn’t take sick days, and adjusts seamlessly to your seasonal demands. While AI can’t replicate the artistic human touch, it excels in activities like color correction, simple retouching, and automatic cropping, saving costs and keeping your business strong.

Trend 3: Competition Is Fierce

You’re here because you care about this industry and your business, and you’re well aware of the fierce competition. To stay ahead, you must stand out. AI and automation offer a competitive edge:

  • Automated image enhancement and retouching ensure the highest portrait quality.
  • Automating tasks like color correction and portrait cropping reduces turnaround time and labor costs, freeing up valuable time.
  • Automated retouching and Creative Filters present upsell opportunities with minimal effort.
  • AI is dependable, doesn’t take sick days, and removes the risk of human error.

In Conclusion

In closing, remember that AI is a tool in the toolbox. It’s up to you to utilize this tool, and I highly recommend you do to come out ahead— failure to adopt AI is to risk falling behind.

Perfectly Clear technologies use a blend of real science and artificial intelligence to give your business a competitive edge. Thanks to Perfectly Clear’s automatic image correction, retouching, and Auto Crop, our customers save valuable time and money in their editing workflow. For example, Prestige Photographic Group reduced labor costs by 15%, reduced editing time by 75%, and achieved 90% less photo returns thanks to Perfectly Clear.

We’re here to guide you to the right solution — contact us today to start saving time and reducing labor costs!

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