Color Management Updates to our SDK!

We’ve made some improvements to color management in our SDK…

We’ve added a set of helpful color management features to our SDK. These tools will help to ensure your photos look their best. 

Specifically, our v8.3 SDK update adds some handy features that will easily convert your images from various input profiles, and either return those images to their original input profiles after processing — or simply and quickly convert all photos in a job to a single output profile like sRGB.

What is color management? And does it really matter?

Essentially digital images are made up of pixels with color values that cover a certain range. On JPEG’s this is RGB values from 0 to 255. Pure red is 255,0,0. But what does “pure red” actually look like? Exactly how red is it?

This is what color profiles do – they allow you to see colors in the most accurate way possible – on screen and in print.

Different profiles like sRGB, ProPhoto and Adobe RGB make significant differences in how we perceive color – like how blue or cyan the sky should be.

Proper color management ensures that photographers, editors, and printers all see the same colors on the screen, and that the final printed product is reproduced as closely as possible to what the image looked like on screen.

Color management is a complicated, yet understandable science. Once you understand profiles and how they operate you will be better equipped to ensure you’re delivering the most accurate color to your customers.

Here is a helpful video produced by PHLEARN that goes into detail about color spaces, and how they operate!

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