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Perfectly Clear AI Automatic Photo Editing Can Now Be Seamlessly Accessed by Kodak DP2 Users

You asked, we listened! Perfectly Clear is now fully integrated into the Kodak Professional Digital Print Production Software/DP2 (Kodak DP2). This means that you can access the power of Perfectly Clear color correction directly in your current Kodak DP2 workflow. It’s completely seamless— you’ll never have to leave the software!

Adding Perfectly Clear AI to your Kodak DP2 workflow is simple and incredibly beneficial. You’ll save time on photo correction, save money through automation, and keep your customers happy with the correction.

“DP2 is the digital imaging backbone for professional labs, so we look for partnerships to enhance that. Speed and production are our number one goals, so Perfectly Clear AI’s proven automation fits right in.”

— Allan Ko, Director of Information Technology Department & ECommerce at Sino Promise Group

How to License Perfectly Clear AI in Kodak DP2

Licensing Perfectly Clear AI in Kodak DP2 is simple and easy to set up. We offer two ways to use our technology within Kodak DP2; you can submit images through the cloud or process them locally. To get started, ask any questions, or learn which way is best for your business, simply contact us at sales@eyeq.photos

Using Perfectly Clear AI in Kodak DP2

Perfectly Clear AI automatically corrects any type of images. First, we identify the contents and lighting conditions of each image, then apply a preset that fits the image. Within each preset, up to 40 automatic corrections are intelligently applied based on the needs of the image. This ensures the perfect correction every time! 

When you process your images with Perfectly Clear, you will use one of the following:

  1. The default AI Preset Selection provided by EyeQ
  2. A custom AI Preset Group that you create in Perfectly Clear Workbench
  3. A single custom Preset that bypasses AI Preset Selection

We’re here to help, so we’ll walk you through this process and help you make the best choice for your business. 

Preserving Your Original File

Our technology is unique because it changes the image pixel by pixel to ensure the most accurate results. You may optionally have DP2 make a backup of the images prior to Perfectly Clear processing. There is also an option for restoring images from the backup, or deleting backups to recover disk space.

The Benefits

The benefits of adding Perfectly Clear AI to your Kodak DP2 workflow are endless! 

  • Save time on your corrections. Nations Photo Lab added Perfectly Clear to their DP2 workflow and were able to achieve a 98% reduction in editing time.
  • Increase revenue with better looking images. It’s no secret that people like photos that they look their best in. In the case of Norweigan Cruise Lines, they were able to increase photo sales by 12% after using Perfectly Clear on their boats. 
  • Reduce costs with fewer print returns and less manual editing. Perfectly Clear saves money for some of the top labs in the world by reducing costly re-prints and increasing customer satisfaction. For example, Les Pros de la Photo saw a 75% decrease in print returns after implementation. 
  • Increase photo quality and consistency. As a business, you have a reputation to uphold. You can trust Perfectly Clear to give you the best possible photo quality every time. As Demetri Barges, CIO at Candid Color Systems, explained, “Perfectly Clear has made some cases sellable which wouldn’t have been able to monetize/sell otherwise. Perfectly Clear saved the picture.”

Contact Us to Learn More

Are you a Kodak DP2 user? Contact us today to learn more about adding Perfectly Clear to your DP2 workflow! We’ll walk you through the process, send over pricing, and get you set up. We can even help you tweak presets to achieve your desired results. Contact us today to start!

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