6 of the Best Backyard Photography Ideas

child in the backyard
Image by Pexels from Pixabay edited with Perfectly Clear – Vivid

You don’t have to go far to get gorgeous images. Gather inspiration from somewhere close to home— your backyard! With these backyard photography ideas, you can get started on using this incredibly convenient location as your backdrop. You’ll be surprised at some of the shots you can get!

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6 Backyard Photography Ideas for You to Try This Weekend

1. Look at Things in a New Perspective

Photo by Lukas from Pexels edited with Perfectly Clear

You kept your shovel out after a day of gardening. Before you put it away, snap a photo! If the composition is right, you can get a stunning shot that was taken because of your love of gardening. The list of photography subjects is endless as long as you are inspired.

2. Flowers and Leaves

When you look at your landscaping every day, it’s easy to forget how special it is. Take the time to look at the flowers in the garden and the leaves on the trees. Let the beautiful colors, shapes, and textures inspire you. Experiment with different lighting and conditions; you can try waking up early to photograph the dew on the leaves or backlighting them for a magical glow.

3. Get Some Candids

Photo by Scott Webb from Pexels edited with Perfectly Clear

If there are ever people in your backyard, pull out your camera and start snapping photos. Kids playing in the yard exude genuine happiness, and you’ll be able to capture those moments forever. Even a backyard barbecue is an excellent subject! Get photos of your friends mingling or the grill master at work. When done right, candids are beautiful!

4. Look Up

It’s easy to forget that some of the best subjects are right above us. Do you have some treetops that the light shines through just right in the afternoon? When was the last time you picked out shapes in the clouds? You can even photograph the moon right from your backyard.

5. Here Comes the Sun

There are certain things that always seem to make a photo stand out, and beautiful lighting is one of them. Try photographing some subjects in your backyard during golden hour or sunset. Keep a lookout for ways that the light takes your photo to the next level. Experiment with haze and sun flares until you get that perfect shot.

6. Time to Edit

Photo by Chris Anson

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