5 of the Best Halloween Photography Ideas You Can Use This Year

Image by Pexels from Pixabay edited with Perfectly Clear

‘Tis the season for Halloween photos! Whether you’re taking some themed shots before the actual holiday or are planning on an October 31st photoshoot, you can always use some pointers. Here are some of our best Halloween photography ideas for you to use!

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Top 5 Halloween Photography Ideas & Tips

1. Pick a Creepy Backdrop

If you’re going for the spooky shot on Halloween, a creepy background can add a lot to your image. Instead of just one subject, you set the scene! Consider shooting in a spot that can be made to look a little scary like an abandoned house or in front of an iron fence.

2. Use Props!

No matter what type of Halloween photography you’re doing, props can help! If you’re doing a fun shoot, throw a few pumpkins in there to hold or have your subject throw some leaves. If you’re having a creepy shoot, take it to the next level with some props! What would take it to the next level?

3. Silhouettes and Halloween Go Together Like Peanut Butter and Jelly

cat for halloween photography ideas

There’s something about a silhouette that just screams Halloween. Our minds always associate the holiday with this kind of image– it’s a classic! Recreate this with your own version of a silhouette, and you will most likely have an instant hit.

4. Flaunt Those Costumes

Halloween is a time for costumes, so use them to your advantage! People love to act the part, and they are often a lot less nervous to be around a camera when they feel like they’re just playing around! Let Superman flex his muscles or try to get Elvis mid-song.

5. Use Photo Editing to Your Advantage

If you’re going for creepy, a funky Preset can completely transform your image and take it to the next level. If you’re going for cute, a fun Preset can add so much to the picture! Take a look at the photos below. The first isn’t so creepy! The second, on the other hand, had the Split Tones Preset by Perfectly Clear applied for an eerie look.

Use Perfectly Clear!

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