5 of the Best Travel Photography Tips for Beginners

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The travel bug and a passion for photography go hand-in-hand. When you’re in a beautiful place for the first time, you want to capture every moment. The biggest disappointment is when your photos don’t do your trip justice! Here are our travel photography tips for beginners to use on your next getaway.

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5 Travel Photography Tips for Beginners to Use on Your Next Trip

1. Get the Timing Right

Different times of the day will give you a different picture. If you’re traveling to a specific destination just to snap a photo, be aware of what time you get there. Where will the sun be? Will there be too much shadow? Will it be too bright? Sunrise, golden hour, and sunset are some of the most popular times to get that beautiful shot. On the contrary, photos shot midday tend to be a bit flat and lack color.

2. Have the Right Gear

Depending on what type of traveling you’re doing, it might be a challenge to carry around all your heavy gear. Plan out where you’ll be photographing and see which tools you will need. Hiking up a hill with a tripod might be worth it, but you probably don’t need everything in your camera bag.

3. Follow the Rule of Thirds

If you’re really looking for travel photography tips for beginners, the rule of thirds is one of the most important things to know. This pretty much means that you draw four lines across your imaginary photo to create nine even squares: three vertically and two horizontally (or vice-versa for vertical images). The most important parts of your picture should be placed within those four intersection points. This is the formula to get interesting pictures, although some of the best photographers are known to break it. But that brings us right into our next point!

4. Be Creative

Be creative and have fun while you’re taking your travel photos. Chances are that someone (or hundreds of people) have taken a photo in a similar spot, so what can you do to make your image unique? Try finding an interesting point of focus or even *gulp* breaking the rule of thirds. A simple stand in the market that is passed by every day might be the award-winning shot you’ve been waiting for. Be inspired, then make it your own.

5. Improve Your Editing Skills

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