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Like you, we’re learning all the time. And this blog gives us a chance to pass along the latest news from the frontlines of photo correction. Every week, we’ll report on the trends that we see shaping the industry… as well as the very coolest customer stories.

woman headshot

There’s a chance I have probably already told you about my headshot factory. I’ve used this sort of setup to photograph as many as 300 people in one day. Unfortunately, that’s the easy part for me. Making a portrait with a person is great fun. What’s less fun is retouching 300 portraits over the next […]

boat on lake

It happens to the best of us. We’re inspired by a scene, take out our camera, and snap some photos. When we look at them back home, they didn’t quite come out the way we wanted. The foliage was so beautiful and vibrant, but in the photo, it didn’t turn out quite right. The camera […]

open road with blue sky

We all love a blue sky. It could be argued that most of the time, it’s the most beautiful part of the photo. What if we told you that you could get stunning blue skies with just the click of a button? You can with Perfectly Clear. Save Hours on Your Workflow Let Perfectly Clear […]

outdoor snow scene

You’ve got your foreground element, you’ve got your rule of thirds, and you’ve got striking light on your subject. Everything is looking good for you to have a terrific landscape photograph that you’ll be proud of. But, as has always been the case in photography, your work has just begun: You still need to finish […]

perfectly clear update

We’re excited to announce our latest updates for Perfectly Clear Complete and Perfectly Clear Essentials. We’re always looking to improve our products, and today, we are happy to announce the newest updates to Perfectly Clear and Perfectly Clear Essentials Version 3.5. What’s New? The newest version comes with two major updates to the software. Here’s […]

before and after portrait of lady

The purpose of working in a studio is control. This includes lighting for the most flattering result to go along with makeup, hair styling and camera angle. A photograph that has all of these advantages still has the finishing done in post-production. In the days of film and making prints, it was common to use […]

we're now eyeq

In a move that will accelerate our innovation in automatic photo correction and photography solutions to save you time, we’re pleased to announce that EyeQ acquired Athentech Imaging Inc., makers of Perfectly Clear. Our multi-patented solutions have empowered photographers, printers and every day photo enthusiasts worldwide with perfectly clear, brilliant and sharp images for the […]

woman on the beach learning how to take beach portraits

There are so many backdrops out there for outdoor portraits, but the beach is one of our favorites. There’s so much you can do with beach portraits, not to mention it is a preferred spot for many clients. So, here are some tips on how to take beach portraits that will knock competitors out of […]

chicago bean

Well, we didn’t actually receive any red carpet when we arrived in Chicago, but perhaps the wind blew it away?  Chicago certainly lived up to its reputation as the “windy city” as this image illustrates! Image edited with Perfectly Clear – Brownie LOOKs We’re delighted to have been invited by the good people over at […]

V8.3 SDK release

We’ve been continually upgrading our latest “v8” SDK since we launched it last summer, and the aim of most of these improvements have been around ease of use and performance. Today, we’re happy to announce the next release, version 8.3, which continues on this trend of continual investment and improvement.  This update brings the following […]

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