Mobile App Testimonials

“The Android app may have you rethink what it is possible to do with your phone’s camera. It adds so many features to your vanilla camera phone you may be shocked! are in addition to what Perfectly Clear does best – bringing out the best color and clarity from your pictures. The first time you see it in action you will be amazed. With my camera-phone and my SLR, it appeared that Perfectly Clear literally removed a piece of gauze from over the lens of the camera. At $2.99 it is the best money you can spend on phone based photography.”

– James Oppenheim (James Games and contributor to NBC show)

“Why Perfectly Clear? I experiment in all sorts of low-light conditions. Much of what I take under those circumstances doesn’t end up being usable. Perfectly Clear can rescue some really cool shots!”

– Matthew

“Bam! I usually don’t do reviews, AND I’m not a fan of image editing software on phones as I find them to mostly be gimmicks. But this one is different. It really does a good job of enhancing your photos for the better. It’s pretty amazing.”

– Michael Seneschal

“Hi definition. I don’t know why it’s just not built into camera in the first place as the pictures always come out so much better .”

– Orman

It’s amazing. It should be a must-have photo edit app for Android device.

– Jeyoung

“This app is excellent! Worth every penny. Buy.”

– Jürgen Philippi

“Fantastic! Had a little apprehension in paying for this app. But… Wow! It’s amazing. Tried it out on a few poorly lit photos. Now they’re great shots! Great app. Just wonderful, thank you!! Worth every cent!!”

– Daniel

“One thing to say… … a must have app.”

– Rafael Ferreira

“Brilliant app does an amazing job of improving photos even on my HTC One!”

– Robert Simmonds

“Best app ever. Very easy to use.”

– Mohd

“Burst mode is awesome! Best photo correction/ tweak app. Now with a super-fast burst mode. Like a machine gun.”

– A Google User

“One of the best auto editors I’ve ever used.”

– Charles

“Awesome app. Oh goodness is this app amazing. I urge everyone to get this awesome app as soon as you can!!”

– Brad Rankin

“Best of the best.”

– Fahad Alshanfa

“Great app. Amazing results.”

– Philippe Carrière

“Very easy to use. Excellent results.”

– Ian Hughes

“Perfect camera app.”

– Oliver Ebol

“Perfectly Clear every time takes a dull photo taken in the phone’s camera and makes it vivid and clear.”

-Levent Arman Özak

“I’m WOWED. It does an amazing job fixing photos! And it takes mere seconds. This app is A MUST HAVE. I LOVE IT.”

– Sarah Carlson

“What are you waiting for? If you need any better photos, then it’s time for a high end DSLR camera. For everything else, here is your solution.”

– Danilo Metzger

“Shockingly good. I can’t lie, I had low expectations for this app. I’ve constantly looked over the market for something like this but have come to expect rubbish and tacky software. As soon as I tried this, I was amazed. My photographs came out looking amazing. The interface is clear and easy and the options are brilliant.”

– Jack Sheath

“Wonderful work which I have not come across in any other photo editing application. Your camera may not take good clear photos, but using this app u can make any photo a brilliant colorful and a clear photo. I would give more stars to the developer. Thank you for this beautiful application.”

– Dinesh Kumar Soni

“Wow! The perfect app I have ever used.”

– Ali ansari


– Daniel Gale

“Best photography app…. This is the best photography (Shooting/Editing) app to date. I’ve yet to find, see or use a better camera for Android. Nice and Solid UI for all photo enthusiasts, social media photographers to professionals It’s def my preferred camera to use, a great variety of features ranging from stunning HDR imaging to Insane fast burst shot to get like over a hundred shots secs. It would be nice to maybe have an optional HDR setting to have the 2 shots and merge go a little quicker but patients is quality.”

– Robert Doyle

“Perfect. Is the most amazing program i ever seen for clearing your photos.”

– Yiangos Yiangou

“Must have app.”

– Schneider Andreas

“I love your iPhone app, it’s by far the best one I’ve found. ”

– D. Spencer

“Excellent!!! This app has it all! I always get compliments when I show all the improvements I do on photos my friends and family are in. Now they always want me to take photos of them because they always look their best.”

– Yancy

“Simplicity at its BEST! This app is just powerful and so simple to use. My go to photo edit app!”

– John

“Every now and then, I’ll take a decent photograph. Then I run it through Perfectly Clear and realize that everything can always be improved. Great work, dev team.”

– John Foster

“Outstanding! This app is a must for the average smartphone user. It offers extreme functionality while keeping it simple, hence eliminating the steep learning curve many other photo editing apps has. Easy to use, transforms your photo/s with a single touch. One of my favourite apps in the Play Store. 5/5.”

– Phil Nguyen