Business Testimonials

A Popular Yearbook Producer
“We use Perfectly Clear / Workbench for the rendering engine behind LAB 5 (now QuickServer). Previously we’d been using software such as DP2, and various Adobe suite programs to do our editing. While those programs returned great results, they couldn’t return them fast enough. However, after a bit of engineering teamwork with EyeQ Imaging, we were able to craft a solution that would satisfy our automation requirements while not sacrificing quality.

Our workflow was vastly improved as we now able to queue up files for rendering and now all 24 hours of the day can be utilized. Furthermore, there are very few errors when rendering via LAB 5 (now QuickServer), something we couldn’t say of software integrated into prior workflows.

We’ve experienced great time savings but it’s the efficiency of the software that’s of such great value to us. As a result, we’re now able to do far more with what we have — all resources considered.”

Anonymous, VP Design and Production

Netlife AS
“Feedback from our photo retailers, photo book producers and school photo operators using Perfectly Clear, can be summed up in two words: Increased efficiency and improved quality.  This means our customers save time correcting images and deliver consistent quality across all their products.  Perfectly Clear is a simple technology that makes a lot of sense.”

Harri Olkinuora, Head of Sales & Marketing,  Norway

Labo Network, Japan
“We choose to use Perfectly Clear for 2 reasons: 1) image quality: We spent considerable time comparing the corrections of Perfectly Clear to other solutions on the market, and we decided on the excellent quality of Perfectly Clear. 2) Support. Athentech has been very responsive and fast to support us in our operations and also to continually invent new ideas for our Japanese market.”

– Hideyuki Ohnishi, Operations Manager, Japan

MonAlbumPhoto, France
“We were using another automatic image correction solution, but it didn’t have the flexibility that Perfectly Clear offers. We really like the small size of the Perfectly Clear library, the ease and flexibility of implementation, and the beautiful results of the correction. We didn’t find this with any other offerings.”

– Pierre-Antoine Bataille, Vice President, France

“We required an automatic correction that would provide consistent results across both HP Indigos and Fuji silver halide printers… and could seamlessly be implemented in this workflow.  Perfectly Clear proved to be the right solution for the challenge,”

– Rob Tolmie, Managing Director at PhotoCreate, Australia

“Maintaining the Fotoprix quality guarantee is a major goal for the Company. Perfectly Clear has enabled us to offer more consistent quality across a wide portfolio of customers and products without the need for manual editing.”

– Robert González, FOTOPRIX S.A., Spain

Cewe color, Germany and Europe
“Our research over the past several years has shown that the Perfectly Clear science provides the best correction of electronically viewed digital files on all kind of computer screens. Plus, it is very small and easy to implement. Therefore, it was only natural to include Perfectly Clear in our CEWE Photo Book PRO software so that our advanced amateur and pro customers can automatically correct and view their enhanced photos while creating a CEWE Photo Book PRO. This will help ensure optimal user experience and larger photo books on our digital presses”

– Reiner Fageth, CTO, board member, Germany

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Desktop Testimonials

“I have to say this program is truly amazing and it will help me a lot with my business. I couldn’t believe my eye when I used it on my first photo. I choose a very difficult image to see just how good Perfectly Clear is—and I was caught totally off guard for the amazing result I saw.”

– Charles B

When I ran through Perfectly Clear, I realized that THERE WAS A 
FRIGGIN’ MANATEE in the picture that I hadn’t even noticed before because 
the pic was so muddy or whatever you call it. And Perfectly Clear made the picture. 
Amazing. And I don’t even know what I’m doing! 

“WOW!!  Perfectly Clear is AMAZING!! I will be able to use this in my editing process so easily…Thank you! I am thrilled and can’t wait to tell everyone”

– Jill Smith

“Can’t thank you enough for your DETAILED replies and help. Perfect customer support.”

– Brian Salyer

“Perfectly Clear Plugin makes my work so much easier. What used to take many steps is done in just one, and allows me to have more time taking pictures. Thank you Perfectly Clear! ”

– Dan Evans

“That did it. You are a lifesaver! Thanks for the great personal service. You don’t see that kind of service much these days.”

– Dale Clark

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Mobile App Testimonials

“it’s like Windex for photos. You’ll be astounded how often the app gets it nearly perfect all by itself. A lot of programs talk about “intelligent” fixing, but this is one of the very few we’ve ever seen that actually lives up to that tagline. Forget the endless filter apps and make your photos genuinely better with Perfectly Clear.


“Perfectly Clear is one incredible camera app and photo processing app. If you’ve used it, you know that it has some sort of magic to make good pictures great, and, more importantly, make fair pictures look good. It’s salvaged more than a few pictures for me, and it’s my go-to app for fixing my smartphone pictures. I’m not alone.

-Android Central

“Why Perfectly Clear? I experiment in all sorts of low-light conditions. Much of what I take under those circumstances doesn’t end up being usable. Perfectly Clear can rescue some really cool shots!”

– Matthew

“Bam! I usually don’t do reviews, AND I’m not a fan of image editing software on phones as I find them to mostly be gimmicks. But this one is different. It really does a good job of enhancing your photos for the better. It’s pretty amazing.”

– Michael Seneschal

“Hi-definition. I don’t know why it’s just not built into the camera in the first place as the pictures always come out so much better .”

– Orman

It’s amazing. It should be a must-have photo edit app for Android device.

– Jeyoung

“This app is excellent! Worth every penny. Buy.”

– Jürgen Philippi

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Media Reviews

“Perfectly Clear is an effective color-correction tool. The bottom line is this is a good choice and an effective product that can save you time while producing good results.

“I love being able to quickly enhance my images so I can get down to the fun part, creative editing! Perfectly Clear took my correction process and cut it by 90%! It takes just seconds now, not minutes.  Perfectly Clear is great for anyone who wants to make correcting their images super easy and speed up their editing workflow. It works quickly, is easy to use, and the results are fantastic!”


“Perfectly Clear can take a boring photo and make it amazing!”

– John Poz,

“The immediate impact was miraculous—like a strip of dull film being removed from the top layer of the image leaving pure, jeweled color beneath.”


” is still the best way I’ve found to quickly and easily improve your iPhoneography with just one click. There are other “fake flash” and DRC apps available, but none work as well as Perfectly Clear. Even with the improved cameras in the iPhone 5 and 4S, I consider Perfectly Clear a highly recommended photo app.
I usually run my images through Perfectly Clear before doing anything else to them. One-button image scrubbing. Its user-selectable noise reduction feature is one of the best available for iPhone. The recent update now also includes the best, fastest software fix for the “purple haze” sometimes found in iPhone 5 photos. It’s worth it for that alone.”

– Marty Yawnick, Life in LoFi

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