Desktop Testimonials

“As for the Photoshop and Lightroom plug-ins, one word: Phenomenal. In fact, Perfectly Clear is now where I start all my digital photo developing. So often, it just gets detail and color better than I could. And it does it in seconds, rather than countless minutes if I do it by hand. I find that much of the time it isn’t necessary to turn to the more complicated plug-ins in my arsenal. And, it is so easy. I don’t believe there is another accessory you can buy for your camera for twice the price that will make your pictures look better.”

– James Oppenheim (James Games and contributor to NBC show)

“Time and time again I am surprised by how much an image is corrected through Perfectly Clear. I absolutely love how it can fix a dark image with one click. Faces and landscapes alike come to life through the multiple setting Perfectly Clear provides, and as a designer it saves me a lot of time!”

– Alex L Johnson III

“It works well on a wide range of images, from portraits to landscapes, people to things. It seems to know just where and how to brighten, sharpen, set contrast, all automatically, at lightning speed.”

– Paul M

“I have to say this program is truly amazing and it will help me a lot with my business. I couldn’t believe my eye when I used it on my first photo. I choose a very difficult image to see just how good Perfectly Clear is—and I was caught totally off guard for the amazing result I saw.”

– Charles B

When I ran through Perfectly Clear, I realized that THERE WAS A 
FRIGGIN’ MANATEE in the picture that I hadn’t even noticed before because 
the pic was so muddy or whatever you call it. And Perfectly Clear made the picture. 
Amazing. And I don’t even know what I’m doing! 

“WOW!! Perfectly Clear is AMAZING!! I will be able to use this in my editing process so easily…Thank you! I am thrilled and can’t wait to tell everyone”

– Jill Smith

“Can’t thank you enough for your DETAILED replies and help. Perfect customer support.”

– Brian Salyer

“Your company has stellar customer service.”

– Bobbi Kirchhoefer

“That did it. You are a life saver! Thanks for the great personal service. You don’t see that kind of service much these days.”

– Dale Clark

“Perfectly Clear is a great product! I don’t use a lot of plug-ins in my work… I probably spent more on Perfectly Clear than on all of the other plug-ins I’ve ever bought, but Perfectly Clear has already paid for itself in the time it’s saved me in just the couple of weeks I’ve been using it. And my work looks better, too!”

– David Fonda

“I am very pleased with your product. It works wonderfully. It’s like taking off a dirty film over the picture.”

– Mark Nakamura

“Your product adjusted my images incredibly well. My usual Photoshop method of adjusting was not needed as the enhanced colors from Perfectly Clear adjusted them exactly as I do manually but at a much less labour intensive fast speed.”

– R Rugland

“Perfectly Clear is saving me time and making the whole process of image editing much more efficient.”

– Steve Strong

“Perfectly Clear Plug-in for Photoshop is clearly the very best one-step correction available! I do lots of sports imagery. This Plug-in saves me loads of time when filing images on deadline. It simply is the best way to correct any image, quickly and with remarkable results. For working photojournalists like myself, it is a godsend.”

– Ron Waite

“Perfectly Clear has become an indispensable part of my workflow. It is definitely one of the best plugins on the market.”

– Paul Greeve

“Perfectly Clear Plugin makes my work so much easier. What used to take many steps is done in just one, and allows me to have more time taking pictures. Thank you Perfectly Clear! ”

– Dan Evans

” the result was as perfectly corrected photo as I have EVER come close to after HOURS of work. I couldn’t be happier …. It literally took me minutes to just touch up a photo and it printed off perfectly. Thank you. ”

– Bob Everding

“I highly recommend the Perfectly Clear Photoshop Plug-In as I have used it for several months and I am extremely pleased with the results. It saves many hours in my workflow and the corrected photos are great.”

– Hersul

“Never, have I seen a program or a Plug-in with the capability of producing as natural a view as Perfectly Clear. Amazing!”

– Rohn S

“I can’t thank you enough for Perfectly Clear. It has made such a difference to my editing of images and savings in time and reducing stress”

– Roly G

“My secret super hero friend, Perfectly Clear saves me lots of editing time for my photography.”

– David V

“Simply asking the plug in to process the image does a pretty amazing job . I have found that even after I’ve worked an image in LR or PS, Perfectly Clear often improves it.”

– B. D. Colen

“I have tried a multitude of imaging software solutions/plug-ins to assist me with the editing process, but NONE of them have even come close to the speed and accuracy of Perfectly Clear. While an average wedding would take me about four hours to edit, Perfectly Clear does them for me in less than half the time!”

– Jim R, Richard Portrait Artist Professional Photography

“I showed it again at UCLA yesterday and wowed the hell out of them. I told them that I cannot live without this Plug-in….which is the truth! What a difference it makes. I have been using it more and more. It is pretty unreal at how it is helping me in so many ways. It really is awesome.”

– Scott Stulberg

“I have been doing a lot of testing and comparing with some of the filters that I have from other major Plug-in companies. And I must say, with Perfectly Clear, I get great results compared with other image enhancements that require a multi-step process.”

– Gary W

“I do enjoy the Perfectly Clear Photoshop plug-in! Processing pictures was very time consuming in the past. Perfectly Clear is stunning which saves me a lot of time and the results are much better than doing it manually.”

– Claudia D

“I played a little game – used the Perfectly Clear Plug-in on the default settings and then tried to achieve the same effect, first in Photoshop and then in Lightroom. Result: It may be possible, but boyohboy is it slow and tedious! Lightroom`s processing and noise removal couldn’t do what Perfectly Clear did. And just to round it out, I tried other well talked about 3rd party software – – it made the picture look plastic.. So good job, mate, you have a winner. I am very pleased.”

– Mal Walker

“I was very impressed with the automatic correction that produced my desired result almost instantly with minimal effort on my part. The colors, contrast and exposure were even better than I was able to achieve with Lightroom. Excellent!”

– Marc Shandro

” I shoot a lot of candids, and I am seeing detail in denim that I never saw before. Denim can be difficult to capture because of the fine detail of the material, it usually just gets all messed up. With Perfectly Clear, I am pulling out sharpness in ways I never saw before.”

– Jim G