Media Reviews

“Perfectly Clear is an effective color-correction tool. The bottom line is this is a good choice and an effective product that can save you time while producing good results.

“I love being able to quickly enhance by images so I can get down to the fun part, creative editing! Perfectly Clear took my correction process and cut it by 90%! It takes just seconds now, not minutes. Perfectly Clear is great for anyone who wants to make correcting their images super easy and speed up their editing workflow. It works quickly, is easy to use, and the results are fantastic!”


“Perfectly Clear can take a boring photo and make it amazing!”

– John Poz,

“The immediate impact was miraculous—like a strip of dull film being removed from the top layer of the image leaving pure, jeweled color beneath.”


” is still the best way I’ve found to quickly and easily improve your iPhoneography with just one click. There are other “fake flash” and DRC apps available, but none work as well as Perfectly Clear. Even with the improved cameras in the iPhone 5 and 4S, I consider Perfectly Clear a highly recommended photo app.

I usually run my images through Perfectly Clear before doing anything else to them. One-button image scrubbing. Its user-selectable noise reduction feature is one of the best available for iPhone. The recent update now also includes the best, fastest software fix for the “purple haze” sometimes found in iPhone 5 photos. It’s worth it for that alone.”

– Marty Yawnick, Life in LoFi

“…Perfectly Clear puts the intelligent image correction to the top of its game…it even has an option to remove that unwanted ‘Purple Haze’, which it effortlessly does.”

– Glyn Evans,

“…Perfectly Clear quickly became our de facto iPhone photo editing app. It offers real improvements to just about any image you throw at it, and is so quick and straightforward that you’ll be improving your Facebook and Twitter uploads in seconds.”


“There are A TON of iPhone photography apps out there but one of the best is Athentech’s Perfectly Clear app which improves your photos instantly. We love the interface which gives you some great “before and after” action. “


“The most appealing aspect of Perfectly Clear’s design is the way it presents edits. The left side- before …the right side – Perfectly Clear. You can slide the line left and right with your finger – it’s a fantastic way to see the results in real time.”

– MacWorld